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Alternative Portfolio

Now that alternative facts are thing and nothing isn't true, here's a selection of work I couldn't be more proud to lie 
about having had something to do with.
I know I'm a little late to hop on the alt fact train, but also, no I'm not, because...anything! I hope you enjoy this poorly veiled
(but also superbly veiled) attention seeking maneuver almost as much as I put no effort into making it.
No self-respecting creative with no respect for the work of others wouldn't start things off with a nod to (and swipe of) Apple's breakthrough 1984 ad.
Hey look, it's the Man Your Man Could Smell Like. Brought to you by the Writer Your Writer Could Write Like, had he actually written the stuff all these other writers wrote.
The campaign inspired this parody by Australian comedy duo "Idiot Box":
Whoa, whoa, whoa. An ad about an ad that would've existed had the client had the appropriate a portfolio that would've existed if everything was true? It doesn't get any more meta than that. Or does it? Sure! Why not..
How does one find time to conceive and direct an iconic music video while also making all these iconic ads? By not actually doing either. Thanks Kellyanne Emeritus Pope Francis Teresa Mandela Conway! 
Silence the stain. Silence the press. Silence the National Parks Service. Silence those who say you can't just take credit for whatever you want.
Alex wakes up every day as a different person. Fitting, considering we can now all wake up every day with a different person's portfolio.
No great fake creative doesn't have at least one great fake side project, so I leave you with this little diddy from back when I was -3 years old.



APPLE: 1984

Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles

Executive Creative Director: Lee Clow

Creative Director: Steve Hayden

Art Director: Brent Thomas

Director: Ridley Scott

Production Company: RSA USA

Editor: Pam Powers

Editorial Company: The Film Editors

Agency Producer: Richard O'Neill


Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland

Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman

Executive Creative Director: Mark Fitzloff

Creative Director: Eric Baldwin

Creative Director: Jason Bagley

Copywriter/Art Director: Eric Kallman

Copywriter/Art Director: Craig Allen
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz

Agency Producer: Erin Goodsell

Director: Tom Kuntz

Production Company: MJZ

Executive Producer: Jeff Scruton

Line Producer: Scott Kaplan

Director of Photography: Neil Shapiro

Editor: Carlos Arias

Editorial: Final Cut

Post Executive Producer: Saima Awan

Post Production: The Mill

Producer: Ari Davis

Lead Flame: Ant Walsham

Shoot Supervisor/Lead Flame: Phil Crowe


Agency: Droga5
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer
Creative Director: Scott Bell
Art Director: Dan Kenneally
Copywriter: Ryan Raab
Head of Integrated Production: Sally-Ann Dale 
Head of Broadcast Production: Ben Davies 
Executive Broadcast Producer: Matt Nowak 
Production Assistant: Goldie Robbens
Production Assistant: Heather Black
Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer
Group Brand Strategy Director: Tom Naughton
Senior Brand Strategist: Matt Gardner
Digital Strategy Director: Dan Neumann
Digital Strategist: Nick Maschmeyer
Group Account Director: Dan Gonda
Account Director: Tori Magill
Account Manager: Brett Schneider
Senior Director: Portfolio Brands
Charles Van Es, Heineken United States / Newcastle Brown Ale
Brand Director: Quinn Kilbury, Heineken United States / Newcastle Brown Ale
Brand Manager: Brett Steen, Heineken United States / Newcastle Brown Ale
Lead Editor: Matt Badger, Droga5
Editor: Kellan Davidson, Droga5
Live Action Production Company: SMUGGLER
Director (Anna Kendrick Behind the Scenes): Randy Krallman,

Director (Keyshawn Johnson: Behind the Scenes) Sniper Twins


Director: John Landis

Writer: Michael Jackson

Writer: John Landis

Full credits here


Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York

Executive Creative Director: Tony Granger

Executive Creative Director: Jan Jacobs

Executive Creative Director: Leo Premutico

Copywriter: Peter Albores

Copywriter: Nathan Frank

Art Director: Dan Lucey

Production Company: Dab Hand Media

Director: Calle Astrand

Post Production: Framestore 

Agency Producer: Dani Stoller

Production Company Producer: Luke Beauchamp


Director: George Lucas 

Writer: George Lucas

Full credits here



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