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Uber Reserve: The Getaway

Nearly 70% of Americans report coming into strife with with family when going home for Thanksgiving. So while other brands are helping you get home for turkey day, we helped you book an early exit. Film directed by Ian Pons Jewell.
The campaign included the long form film above, movie posters highlighting quirky family archetypes, and an Instagram excuse generator with excuses tailored to help you get out of your specific Thanksgiving scenario early.
A trailer for the campaign also ran before 20 different holiday blockbusters, including Black Panther, The Menu and Halloween Ends.
Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 10.38.12 PM.png
We even enlisted Kevin Jonas to promote the campaign, given his 5 million followers and black sheep status in the Jonas Brothers band.

2023 One Show – Merit (Cinema Advertising)


Ian Pons Jewell



Zoe Kessler


Anna Cevallos, Paula Gete-Alonso,

Claire Golladay, Laura Schear,

Sarah FitzGerald, Charles Watlington

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