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MINI: Driving Hope

NYC schools with music programs have a 94% attendance rate, yet such programs have declined by 47% since 2007. To raise 
awareness of this, MINI and non-profit Sing For Hope filled NYC with 50 hand-painted pianos, plus one "MINIPiano" on wheels.
This roving concert vehicle not only showed off MINI's storage space, it brought 21-straight days of live music to all five boroughs.
After the program, the pianos were donated to NYC schools.
Thrillist / NowThis video covering the first of our many events, "A Ride Through Time".
Footage by Thrillist/NowThis
Vanessa Carlton during halftime of Steve Nash's annual soccer tournament.
Footage by Bleacher Report
Dinosaur Jr.'s J. Mascis and Jukebox the Ghost at a pop-up concert.
BROOKLYN: J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.
MANHATTAN: Juilliard School student + alumni performance.
Footage by Juilliard School
BRONX: Public block party
Footage by Sing For Hope
Hand-painted pianos:
Piano locations:


Lily Fu, Nate Mayer, Nick Sonderup



Bleacher Report, Helo, Thrillist/NowThis

MINIPiano events:
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